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Our Initiatives

Today, the Free Food For All dream comprises several initiatives addressing food insecurity and waste.

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KidsLuvIt! is a monthly breakfast programme for young children living in rental blocks. It is designed to provide children from low-income families access to tasty and nutritious food to fuel them up before school. Through having a nutritious breakfast, we aim to increase their readiness for school, making them more alert and attentive in class, with improved attendance and academic performance.

Learn more about KidsLuvIt!



A fuss-free and nutritious option, our Ready-to-Eat meal pouches are available in 3 to 12-month supplies for vulnerable individuals and families. Each meal pouch comes with a shelf life of two years, without any need for refrigeration or cooking.

Learn more about Ready-to-Eat meals.

Community Fridge

A collaboration with Chong Pang CC, our Community Fridge initiative was introduced in 2020 to bring residents of Yishun fresh and chilled groceries, completely free of charge.


Refilled every Friday by the good people of Redmart, we also have a dedicated group of recipients-turned-volunteers present to help facilitate the initiative.


Ready-to-Cook Chicken Vending Machine

The Ready-to-Cook Chicken Vending Machine was launched in 2022 to complement the community fridge by offering Yishun residents accessible proteins, right from their void deck at any time of the day, hence encouraging families to have healthier home-cooked meals.


Residents have a pre-paid card that allows the redemption of chicken every month. This removes the issue of mobility and affordability for low-income families and the elderly. We hope to expand our efforts into other residential areas to benefit more families.

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Hydroponics Farm

In support of the 30-by-30 national agenda, we have piloted our very own small-scale hydroponics farm. Built on growing rails that can be adjusted to control the height, the harvested produce is distributed to our beneficiaries to supplement their dietary needs.


As our current volume is small, we hope to explore alternative locations to accommodate a larger quantity of produce and new initiatives that can teach vulnerable families in growing their own vegetables and produce.

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