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Social Media Guidelines

Free Food For All has fully embraced social media to connect with everyone. Please bear in mind that our social media platforms are monitored and regulated. We do our best to answer your queries and exercise transparency on information sharing. Free Food For All will, in its discretion, choose not to comment on any issues of controversy and exercise the option of removing any posts which may be:

  • Factually incorrect

  • Offensive, abusive, defames or threatens others

  • Spam

  • Vulgar, obscene or indecent language

  • Illegal or in any way endorsing illegal activities

  • Breaks any laws or regulations or rules of any social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) or encourages others to do so

  • An infringement of any intellectual property rights, such as copyright

  • Contains names or personal information related to our employees and/or food aid clients

  • Posts or other material which is deemed inappropriate by the site administrators or appropriate team member will be deleted upon discovery.

While FFFA welcomes related and relevant discussion and dialogue on its social media platforms, comments must be made in a respectful and civil manner as befits our food aid clients, partners, donors, volunteers and staff of FFFA. Comments that are vulgar, inflammatory, or threatening will not be tolerated.


FFFA reserves the right to remove, block comments and/or users whose comments are in breach of the code of conduct.

FFFA's social media platforms are made to build community and relationships between FFFA and its diverse audiences.

Be aware that whether as a food aid client, partner, donor, volunteer or staff, what you post can reflect on both your own reputation as well as that of FFFA.

All videos and photos that has FFFA's branding must not be uploaded by third party's social media platforms or shared to the general public without the consent of FFFA.

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