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In 2014, we made it our mission to better serve our community and today, we've got the app just for that. Whether you are looking to volunteer, donate, apply for immediate food aid or join courses, download our app to keep up to date with our latest initiatives.


Free Food For All
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Free Food For All is a project for the Community, by the Community. We firmly believe that ending hunger is no longer a matter of means but rather a matter of will, and as a collective society, we are capable of ensuring nobody has to go to sleep hungry again.

Who we are

Become a

Our efforts have grown from weekly distributions to several initiatives and programmes across a spectrum of communities. Think you have some time on your hands but don't know what to do with it? Join our team of Community Heroes and be a light to someone today.

to Charity

Our donors are a large part of the FFFA dream, and our efforts to provide entire communities with access to nutritional diets can only be made possible if we tap on strengths from local benefactors to help our beneficiaries realise the potential and possibility of a future free from hunger. Take action today!



At Free Food For All, we believe that everybody is in charge of creating their own vision for the future, and that journey can only begin with willpower and knowledge. Browse our curated list of courses aimed at empowering individuals today.

Ready to
Make an Impact?

Our community-led initiatives and programs have impacted over 144,000 beneficiaries to date, and you CAN be part of the
Free Food For All dream.

As an organisation committed to rooting out the effects of hunger and malnutrition, we invite you to join us in the sustainable end of hunger by supporting our benne-family in their lives of independence and better living.

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