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  • Is the food Halal?
    Yes, our Ready-to-Eat meal (RTE) Meals are halal certified.
  • How long will my application be approved?
    Our welfare officer require time to assess and approve your application. Waiting time for application to be assessed is around 2-3 weeks upon application.
  • What are your requirements for food assistance?
    To be eligible for food aid, the requirements are: - Low Income families - Homeless individuals or those living in interim housing - Aged and disabled communities - Anyone finding themselves under economic stress -Injured migrant workers Our welfare assistant will assess and update on the outcome. You may apply for assistance via the link:
  • Who does FFFA outreach to?
    FFFA helps over 144,000 beneficiaries nationwide, individuals & families regardless of race or religion who will be categorized as having no proper homes, low income families plus FFFA works together with relevant organizations to look at the needs of migrant workers.
  • What is the difference between FFFA with other non-profit organizations?
    FFFA main mission is to look after food security of our beneficiaries, with an innovative, Ready to Eat (RTE) meals packed and reheated without the need of a heating device.
  • Where does my donation go to?
    We allocate all donations in funding our initiative, which will directly supports our mission in providing meals for our beneficiaries monthly: a person meal - S$10 a family meal - S$50 a community meal - S$100
  • I can't find the answers to my questions.
    My apologies to hear that! For volunteers and press you may email to: For Welfare queries: Alternatively you may email to: Otherwise you may go to our FAQ page:
  • How long can we expect the food to arrive after application?
    Once application has been received by our Welfare officer, you will receive a call for an assessment. Upon approval, you will expect to receive the food assistance within 3-5 working days.
    FFFA is a non-profit organization that was started in 201 with the primary aim of providing beneficiaries with nutritious meals as well as to uplift them with education and training to be financially independent.
  • What are the Ready to Eat (RTE) meals?
    Our RTE meal packs are nutritious, tasty, and easy to prepare with a shelf life of Two (2) years. FFFA delivers these nutritious, healthy and halal, Ready to Eat (RTE) meals to the homes of beneficiaries in Singapore. There will be no cooking or refrigeration required.
  • Do u deliver Island wide in Singapore?
    We do deliver Island wide in Singapore.
  • How can I donate to FFFA?
    You can donate to FFFA through our website by visiting our Donation Page . You may also visit our App at FFFA in apple store and google play. or PAYNOW UEN 201503391Z.
  • How do I apply for assistance?
    To apply for assistance you may click on the below link: Hi! Our welfare assistant will assess and update on the outcome. You may expect on a follow up assessment within 2 weeks.
  • How can I be involved in volunteering?
    FFFA seeks volunteers who are passionate in making a difference for the less privileged in our wealthy society . Besides providing food, we're looking to support individuals and families with educational classes for children and skill-sharing initiatives. Join us in our mission to empower our community and create a brighter future for them. Your time and skill can truly make a difference. To be part of FFFA register your interest here
  • Will I be eligible for TDR (Tax Deduction Relief)
    Donations to Free Food For All Limited are eligible for tax deduction with a minimum of $10.00 donations.
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