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Make an impact, donate today

Help us battle food insecurity. A donation to Free Food For All will help vulnerable individuals and families have access to a basic necessity- nutritious food.

Your donations will help contribute towards our operating costs and the essentials we provide to our beneficiaries.

Donations are tax deductible.


In Singapore, a sizeable number of families with children aged below 15 years live in public rental flats, often surviving on a monthly income of $1,900 or less. Some are single mothers holding the fort.


It is not uncommon for the children to have only one meal a day. And that could often be a packet of instant noodles.Bearing in mind such demographics, we launched a monthly breakfast programme for young children living in rental blocks.

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The beneficial effects of breakfast on a child’s performance are well documented, and research shows the upside of children eating breakfast daily. Breakfast consumption in children has been found to improve cognitive function, particularly memory and attention.


KidsLuvIt! was designed to provide children from low-income households access to tasty and nutritious food to fuel them up before school. Through having a nutritious breakfast, we aim to increase their readiness for school, making them more alert and attentive in class, with improved attendance and academic performance.

What your donations will fund

• Two types of cereal packs

• Two UHT / Almond / Soy milk packets (1 litre)

• Two hot drink mix (Milo / Horlicks / Cereal)

• Two digestive biscuit packs

• One bread spread (Kaya / Jam)

• Two Ready-To-Eat (RTE) porridge packs

• Two granola / oat snack packs

• One month’s supply of multi-vitamins

• Two canned protein (tuna)

• One jar of honey

• One activity book

Ready-to-Eat Meals

Free Food For All has revolutionised food aid to serve our beneficiaries better through working with our partners to manufacture Halal-certified Ready-to-Eat (RTE) meal pouches, each with a shelf life of two years, with no refrigeration or cooking required.


Our RTE meals are highly nutritious, quick and easy to prepare and convenient to serve. Beneficiaries are able to choose from a range of flavours to eat, and these have proven to be beneficial to the elderly and non-ambulant individuals who are unable to cook, and/or patients with dietary restrictions.


Cheque Donation

We welcome contributions by cheque.


Cheque donations can be made payable to

‘Free Food For All Ltd’ at our address:

28 Senang Crescent

#02-09 Bizhub 28

Singapore 416601


Donors who require a tax-deductible receipt may get in touch with us via


Every donation counts. Your support is invaluable to us.

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