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Straits Times: Charities in S'pore turn to technology to provide food aid more effectively

STRAITS TIMES: FFFA founder Nizar Mohamed Shariff said the next two key aspects of the food support he wants to provide are more nutrition and education on how to grow food.

FFFA recently began a pilot scheme that delivers 2kg of organic vegetables to 100 households a month. It is also prototyping a microgreens growing kit to teach families how to grow their own vegetables.

Mr Nizar said FFFA, as a smaller charity with more room to experiment, can try more innovative ways to lift households out of the need for food aid.

"Instead of looking at key performance indicators like the number of households served, we should look at how many can get out of their difficult situations," he said.

"We want to one day serve less, which would mean successful policy and impact."



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