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Free Food For All was initiated on 4 November 2014 when we started to distribute food twice weekly at Darul Aman Mosque. Our first distribution consisted of Nasi Lemak, Otah-Otah and bananas. Our efforts soon spread to other communities in various parts of Singapore.


Today, Free Food For All runs several programmes across a spectrum of communities in Singapore addressing Food Insecurity and Food Waste.



Free Food For All (FFFA) is a registered charity in Singapore with IPC Status. Registered in 2015 providing free Halal meals to the less fortunate of all races and religions. We want to provide free food to the less fortunate and empower them to become contributing members of society.

UEN NO: 201503391Z

At Free Food For All, we provide free meals that are nutritious and tasty to those in need and who qualify for one of our assistance programmes. We provide relief by fulfilling a basic human need for food and empower our beneficiaries to take action and raise themselves out of poverty.

We aim to rekindle the kampong spirit through fostering strong ties between neighbours and the community. 

Free Food For All is a project for the Community, by the Community. Ending hunger is no longer a matter of means but rather a matter of will. As a society, we are capable of ensuring that no one in Singapore has to go hungry again.



  • To provide Food Aid to individuals or families in need regardless of race or religion

  • To provide Food Aid that is catered to the needs of individual or families while minimizing food waste

  • To understand the dietary needs and requirements of individuals or families who seek our help

  • To ensure prompt response within 3 - 5 working days


  • To be the preferred food aid charity in Singapore

  • To inculcate the community of minimising food insecurity and food waste

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  • Homeless individuals or individuals in interim housing

  • Low Income Families

  • Aged and Differently Abled Communities

  • Anyone finding themselves under economic stress

  • Injured migrant workers

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Free Food For All aims to alleviate hunger and help those in distress. While helping the disadvantaged, FFFA also aims to minimise food waste through its various initiatives, empower its beneficiaries, practice community building and manufacture healthier meals.

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Free Food For All (FFFA) knows that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives. We provide special emphasis to the elderly, disabled and financially distressed. We hope that by fulfilling a basic human need for food, they will be empowered to take action and raise themselves out of poverty.