A recent nationwide study revealed that there are 1000 rough sleepers here in Singapore. Many of whom had fell through the cracks of policies and regulations. Many of whom have been invisible to us as they comb through lives appearing like any other Singaporeans clocking in and out of work. The 78 year old colleague who has been keeping your office desk clean and greets you with a smile every morning in office may be sleeping under the bridge in this COVID situation, fighting off cold every night without you knowing.

Most of the time we question, "What has the government been doing that these individuals can be left in the streets for years?" But it is time we ask ourselves, "What can WE do to make a difference to their lives?"

FFFA unravels the struggles of these individuals we commonly name as rough sleepers, but whom they call themselves - SURVIVORS.

Purchase our Ready To Eat Meal Vouchers for these rough sleepers to get a warm delicious meal. With our flameless heat packs, our rough sleepers can easily warm their meals up anytime and anywhere. If you would like to make a cash donation, PAYNOW to FFFA Corporate account UEN 201503391Z and send an email at