Our Programmes

How We Operate

We provide free meals to the less privileged, working with a central kitchen and food manufacturers. We are not government funded and rely on donations both monetary and in kind.


Our Food Aid is Home Delivered across Singapore and the approach is to customize the needs of each and every household minimizing Food Waste.


Ready-To-Eat (RTE) Meals

We deliver nutritious and healthy halal ready to eat meals to the homes of various needy residents in Singapore. Recipients include non-ambulant elderly with minimal family support. There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. 


Other Programmes


SG Food Rescue

Our close partner actively engages food waste rescue, rescuing fruits and vegetables that are still edible but cosmetically damaged. With 800,000 tonnes of food waste generated last year, SG Food Rescue aims to channel as much of the food rescued to soup kitchen, community efforts and to the less fortunate.

FFFA Empowerment

Together with Mendaki Sense, we aim to provide our beneficiaries a path towards self recovery, including an opportunity to upgrade their skills. This will provide them a better platform to move up the job market. These schemes include resume building, food and transport support, and while they are on course, job matching and others.




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