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Today, the Free Food For All dream comprises several programmes and initiatives across a spectrum of communities addressing food insecurity and waste.


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A fuss-free and nutritious option, our Ready-To-Eat meal pouches are available in 3-month, 6-month and 12-month supply for low-income families and individuals. Each meal pouch comes with a shelf life of up to 2 years without refrigeration or a need to heat up the stove. More info on our RTE meal pouches can be found here.


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Our donors are a large part of the FFFA dream, and our efforts to provide entire communities with access to nutritional diets can only be made possible if we tap on strengths from local benefactors to help our beneficiaries realise the potential and possibility of a future free from hunger. Take action today!

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All these talk about sustainability and #BetterEating, we figured, what better way to implement them than that of our very own hydroponic system? Built on growing rails that can be adjusted in order to control the height, we currently have installed nine plant placements that allow us to grow approximately 420 pots of various leafy greens that better supplement our beneficiaries' dietary needs.

We know that the nutritional aspect of freshly harvested greens are much higher than those that have spent some time in transit, and we are looking for individuals or corporates who want in on the #BetterEating movement!

Think you have some extra space for sustainable farming, but don’t have the time to figure it out? Our team is here to help you with all the planting, maintenance, and harvesting—all we need from you is quite honestly, a power socket and a keenness in making our community a greener and healthier one  Get in touch with us for more info.



Together with Chong Pang CC and RedMart, our Community Fridge initiative aims to bring to the residents of Yishun fresh and chilled groceries completely free of charge. Refilled every Friday by the good people of RedMart, we also have a dedicated group of volunteers present to help facilitate the initiative.

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FFFA is working with LivFresh, our supplier for nutrient-rich vegetables cultivated in a pollution-free, chemical-free and sustainable environment. While our goal is to ensure nobody has to go to sleep hungry again, we also want our beneficiaries to feel empowered with quality vegetables and fruits that are harvested fresh for them, and not just for the affluent.

Fresh veggies,