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A donation to Free Food For All will help provide entire communities in Singapore access to nutritional diets and sustainable agricultural solutions. Making a donation is easy. 

Kids Luv It

In Singapore, a handful of households with 1 to 6 kids or more are surviving merely on a monthly income of $800 to $1,800—a lot of them single mothers, whilst some await the release of their imprisoned spouses.

With these sort of demographics at hand, we've geared up to launch a monthly breakfast programme for young children living in rental blocks.

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Free meals
for the Elderly

46% of our food aid beneficiaries are elderlies above the age of 60 living in rental flats without caregivers or income. Food, alas, is a luxury for most of them as they struggle to make ends meet. With your support, we can help make change happen. Our community, our family.

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Nutritious meals
for all

To address food insecurity and food waste in Singapore, FFFA has revolutionised food aid to serve our community better by distributing Halal certified Ready-To-Eat (RTE) Meal pouches, each with a long shelf life of 2 years without refrigeration or cooking required.

Our RTE meals are highly nutritious, quick and easy to prepare and convenient to serve. Beneficiaries are able to choose from a range of flavours to eat well on their own - specifically the elderly and non-ambulant individuals who are unable to cook, and/or patients with dietary restrictions from low income households living in rental flats.

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Donate in Kind

*Please note that all products must be halal certified.

For donations in kind,
please contact us here

Cheque Donation

Cheque Donation

  • Email donate@freefood.org.sg to make arrangements

  •  Cheque donations can be made payable to Free Food For All Ltd at our address: 28 Senang Crescent #02-09
    Bizhub 28, Singapore 416601

For donors who require a Tax Deductible Receipt after you have made a donation, please get in touch with us via donate@freefood.org.sg

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In 2014, we made it our mission to better serve our community and today, we've got the app just for that. Whether you are looking to volunteer, donate, apply for immediate food aid or join courses, download our app to keep up to date with our latest initiatives.