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In Singapore, a handful of households with 1 to 6 kids or more are surviving merely on a monthly income of $800 to $1,800—a lot of them single mothers, whilst some await the release of their imprisoned spouses.

With these sort of demographics at hand, we've geared up to launch a monthly breakfast programme for young children living in rental blocks.

Donations via these two platforms are tax deductible and

will be matched until 15th September 2022. 


“Children living in rental estates, by the age of nine will have a believe that they will grow up AMOUNTING TO NOTHING.”  Associate Professor Teo You Yenn (NTU, School of Social Sciences)


KidsLuvIt was designed to be both nutritious and tasty. Hungry children will focus on food rather than school. Your contributions will assist to give these children similar opportunities to their peers. 

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What you will fund

•Two x types of Cereal (A + B)

•Two x UHT Milk (1l)

•One x Almond (1l)

•Two x Malt Drink Mix packets

•Two x Digestive Biscuits Pack

•One x Bread Spread (Kaya / Jam)

•Two x Ready-To-Eat  (RTE) Porridge Packs

•Two x Granola / Oat Snack Pack

•One month x Multi-Vitamins / Supplements

•Two x Canned Protein (Tuna)

•One x Jar of Honey

•One x Activity Book

Download the

In 2014, we made it our mission to better serve our community and today, we've got the app just for that. Whether you are looking to volunteer, donate, apply for immediate food aid or join courses, download our app to keep up to date with our latest initiatives.

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